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11th December 2017
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22nd January 2018

Local #FestiveFood Series. Part 2

We are back with part 2 of our Local #FestiveFood Series where we highlight the local map on our website as a way to source local food.

Have you ever felt the urge to help support the local food economy but not sure where to start?

Our Food map includes more than 80 listings of places that sell locally produced and ethical food, offers you a variety of outlets to pick from and you can search according to the type of food you want. Check out the map here:

Greenlife is one example of these shops. Greenlife opened in July 1990, set-up to encourage more ‘green’ shopping: local food, recycled paper, fair trade items, and so forth.

Located in the heart of Totnes right on the market square, Greenlife offers a wide range of locally sourced and organic foods especially local grown fruit and vegetables which is perfect if you are planning your Christmas meals.

Another great source of local produce for your festive fayre is the box scheme at Huxham’s Cross Farm, where you can buy organic fruit and veg boxes, drinks, dairy products and more. Greenlife is open late this Tuesday for the last Totnes Christmas market of the year, where you’ll also find a plethora of locally produced edible goodies.

And if you’re looking for grass fed ethical meat and poultry check out Tigley Tump small holding just outside Totnes for a range super local and ethical options. You can find the details here.

Happy shopping!

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