Totnes Food Shed

About the Food Shed

Totnes Food Shed launched in May 2017 after several years in the planning stage. It is a cooperative of local shoppers and producers, and your one stop shop for buying a range of local foods. Now you can buy local food without having to slog up and down the hill of the High Street, or get to a range of shops during the day. Ordering takes place online, with a deadline of midnight Tuesday for collection the following Friday evening. Your goods will be delivered to the shed at Daisy Children’s Centre in Bridgetown, where there is space to park if you need to come by car.

Not all products on sale are organic, but everything - from meat to veg - is grown with a minimum of chemicals, and to a high welfare standard in the case of meat, eggs and dairy. The short supply chain makes sure your food (and chocolate!) is fresh and that you are buying at the best price. The Food Shed is now the only place in Totnes that sells The Almond Thief’s bread, and you can also buy locally grown and processed rolled oats and pea flour from Grown in Totnes. (If you’re not sure what to do with pea flour, you’ll get recipes in regular emails to get you started.)
The range of goods on sale will be expanding as new producers join in. There will be fluctuations in supply, as most goods are seasonal, but you can be sure that, whatever you buy, it’s as fresh as you can get without growing it yourself.

How to get involved

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